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Our strength is in our research analysts who with their proactive approach are able to source best and correct information which can be detrimental in organizations success. Several organizations are not equipped with resources, expertise and strategy that is required to successfully camera explosion proof Manufacturers leverage their big data. The new service launched by CenturyLink will deliver an in-depth managed service along with the required infrastructure that has the ability to handle heavy workloads.Big Market Research uniqueness lies in its highly ethical reports at economical rates because we value your relationship and growth more than money.

The managed service offers data integration along with analytics consulting, which will help the customers to increase sales and enhance operations that will significantly improve customer management. Several organizations are seeking competitive advantage by exploring the various techniques and services that help them to achieve big data goals set by them.Reggie Bradford, senior vice-president, Oracle explains that the company is not restricting to a target AI or IoT and are scouting for as many entrepreneurs as possible. We follow six sigma standards leaving no scope for error. Gary Gauba, chief enterprise relationship officer and president of CenturyLink said that organizations that are forward thinking worldwide focus on offering a quick and useful solutions to customer requirement and demand across multiple channels. Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) with Managed Cloudera. Oracle is currently working with a couple of start-ups based in Bristol. He further throws light on the subject and says that the next five to ten years are crucial to drive the new cloud-based businesses with continuous growth and innovation in the field. Further, it includes real-time deployment support that will help firms to deploy projects in a proof of concept and then move into production. The start-ups will get access to the company’s cloud platform, which is termed as “bare metal” cloud. On the basis of customer goals, the company also offers workshops that usually last for one day to two weeks. The program will choose five cloud start-up companies across the UK to work in collaboration with the research and development team of Oracle over a span of 6 months and providing access to around 420,000 customers worldwide. The BDaaS services include, an intensive quick start program that will help customers achieve objectives and also help them to create customized solutions.”Oracle is focusing on a wide array of start-ups that largely prioritize selling as their core business. On January 26, 2017, Oracle announced that the company has pinned down to Bristol to host its global cloud start-up accelerators. Phil Bates, Architect for Oracle Cloud says, “Large companies such as Oracle, HP, IBM, Amazon and Cray all have engineering and develop centers in Bristol alongside a wealth of start-ups, from VR visualizations of DNA and superfast machine learning accelerators for a new generation of AI applications to start-ups using the fastest cloud platform in the world for animation. It is a relatively new managed service that integrates the company’s competence in data and advanced analytics, cloud and application services with Apache Hadoop-based data management and analytics platform from Cloudera. The company has identified start-ups as the heart of innovations and is therefore seeking opportunities that will mutually benefit both, Oracle and the start-ups. Your growth is our aim.

Tom Reilly, CEO, Cloudera, says that the innovations of CenturyLink and Cloudera in big data analytics can largely help businesses seeking solutions to harness the magnitude of the growing volume of data. The company’s first start-up accelerator was in India.. Oracle does not plan to take equity in the start-ups and will offer free access to its cloud services, co-working space and link new organizations with investors.


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